Spiritual Gifts Test

 Since the very beginning, God has revealed Himself as one who is the great Giver of gifts and James 1:17 reminds us...and our God continues to give gifts that are good and perfect, especially to His church for the purpose of building up the body of Christ and advancing the Kingdom.
We believe that as a church, it is important to provide opportunities for each one to discover and understand their spiritual giftedness as well as their God-given passion for ministry. Over the years, there has been much confusion surrounding these gifts given by the Spirit of God. We believe that even though Christians may hold to various views and convictions concerning them, God has called us to function together as one -- each excercising these divine empowerments for the glory of God.
We would encourage you to prayerfully come on board and realize your God-ordained potential in the body of Christ. Read the C&MA position paper concerning these giftings. Then complete a free Spiritual Gifts Test at www.giftstest.com. You may then  want to speak with a staff member about your initial test results and receive further direction and counsel for service.