Our Affiliation

Oswego Alliance Church is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) denomination. This denomination began in 1887 through the work of Dr. Albert Benjamin Simpson. Initially intended as a missionary resource for mainline denominations, today the C&MA includes over two million people in 75 countries.
The Christian and Missionary Alliance is an evangelical denomination with a major emphasis on world evangelism. It maintains a "big tent" stance in reference to many doctrinal matters, encouraging believers of diverse backgrounds and theological traditions to unite in an alliance to "Know and Exalt Jesus Christ and to Complete His Great Commission."
Since its beginnings, the C&MA gradually expanded to 1,100 missionaries in 49 nations and churches in 66 countries and territories. While the denomination establishes churches among unreached people groups, the C&MA is also involved in many specialized missions such as communications, medical services, translation, relief work and developmental aid.
With churches in every state, the C&MA totals about 350,000 Christians in nearly 2,000 American churches. One quarter of the congregations is intercultural in character, attracting immigrants and minority groups with strong cultural heritages. Affiliated institutions include four colleges, a seminary, a publishing house, four retirement centers, a variety of camps and two development / investment organizations.